Ozark Mountain Cabin Rental


  1. 1.How do we decide which 4 weeks to choose?

The only rules are: Only 1 week during the summer (Memorial Day to Labor Day) and only 1 public holiday. Other than this, you may choose any of the available weeks. In order to make sure everyone has the chance to see every week at Anedodi, we will be operating a rotating calendar. This means your weeks will move back by a week each year. Should you wish to exchange weeks with other owners, or buy extra weeks, this can be arranged through the management company.

2. What if we don’t use all our weeks?

You may choose to opt into the rental pool for any weeks when you know you cannot make it to Anedodi. As you may be aware, Anedodi has already been marketed as a luxury rental and since opening in June, 2009 has been receiving occupancy rates of 70%. Weekly rates in low season are $3,995 and high season are $5,995 - you would receive 80% of the return on these rentals and the management company, 20%.

3. Anedodi only sleeps up to 10 people, our family is 20, how would this work?

At the present time, there is just one house, but we will be building a second house in 2010 on the land next door, which will have the same stunning views and luxury amenities as Anedodi. Should you wish to buy a fraction in both houses for the same weeks, you will be given first refusal. Alternatively, we would be happy to suggest lodgings in the area to house your extra guests.

4. Who manages the property on a day to day basis and keeps up the maintenance?

We have a fractional management company in place to look after general maintenance and repairs, financial management, group arbitration, owner reservation management and customer service. Owners are entitled to see a breakdown of all the costs each year and to decide if they would like to keep the current management company or find a new one.

5. What is included in the monthly dues?

All the standard costs, such as electricity, gas, water, cable, phone, landscaping, cleaning, taxes and insurance. Also, management costs for organizing the calendar, owner requests and customer service. If the owners decide that major work needs to be done on the house, the management can assess the necessity and produce a quote for the work to be done. If this is satisfactory with all owners, there will be an additional fee split between all owners.

6. What if I can’t afford to pay the monthly dues one month?

There will be a direct debit set up to take payment automatically, this is essential to preserve the property for all of the owners. But if there is a problem with payment for more than 2 subsequent months, your weeks will be added to the rental pool and payment will be drawn from the proceeds. The income for renting a peak season week at Anedodi is $4,796, so renting just 1 week could cover more than the whole year of monthly dues.

7. Can we receive tax deductions?

A fractional vacation home will, for the most part, fall under the same rules as traditional vacation homes. In general, if the home is considered for personal use, mortgage interest and property tax can be deducted.

8. What if I decide to sell?

You may request the help of the management team or find a buyer on your own. You may even use a local real estate broker to market your fraction for you. Fractional ownership makes a home more affordable to potential buyers - even in times of a recession, fractional ownership sales have kept on rising. The main factors are the same as selling a typical home: appearance, maintenance, facilities and of course, location. The remote location of the Ozarks has kept prices relatively low - but lakefront properties are becoming harder and harder to come by and the reach ever widens. Water view properties will always hold their value better than those with no view.

Secluded log cabin in the ozark mountains
Luxury Lakefront Fractional Ownership in the Ozark Mountains
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