FRACTIONAL OWNERSHIP is at the dawn of a popularity explosion as it combines all of the advantages of owning your own vacation home, with none of the disadvantages. On average, families will spend 39 days in their vacation home per year, leaving it to stand empty for 326 days. During this time, maintenance bills, insurance bills and utility bills are all mounting up, which can even wipe out the appreciation on your investment. When you do use the home, there is always much ‘work’ to be done to bring everything back up to scratch before you can really start to enjoy yourself. Why work when you could be out kneeboarding?

Fractional owners pay only for what they use, but unlike renting they still get deeded ownership that has the potential for appreciation. They also have the option to rent out the weeks they do not use, to provide an income. Further, because there is “more bang for your buck” with a fractional, it has become possible to own fractional homes all over the world for the price of just one vacation home. Finally, for less than the price of a small, unfurnished cabin in the mountains - you could own a large, luxury lakefront estate with private heated pool which is fully equipped with top of the line furniture, decor, appliances, luxury linens, and kitchenware.

We believe that your vacation home should revive your life, without draining your finances. With fractions starting at just $95,000 (for 4 weeks a year for life) and monthly dues of $290, our memberships are within easy reach. In fact, with financing, the monthly cost of owning a fractional vacation home would be just $860 a month in total (compared to a whole vacation home at $4,530 a month). You might already be making a similar monthly payment on a luxury commodity like a new car, or a yacht. But unlike a car or a yacht - once paid off, your fractional investment would appreciate in value and benefit your family for generations to come.

Luxury Lakefront Fractional Ownership in the Ozark Mountains
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